The Arizona Saints Sports Club started in 2007 by group of parents with children playing in different sports and leagues around the Phoenix/Laveen area.  This dedicated group of parents came together with one similar goal, they wanted their children to be taught the fundamentals of the sport they were playing while learning, discipline, sportsmanship and boosting their education. 


Through these parents and the help of other volunteer coaches, we created the “azSaints”

In pursuit of children having fun with their friends, becoming better athletes, and reaching the next level of competition, we have grown as a club. We have competed regionally and nationally. We have held Conference and District championship titles in football and our youth have grown tremendously in academics and social skills because of our congregation.



Saints players are committed to developing their skills in order to play competitively with the goal of being placed on an elite team. These teams will play predominantly local tournaments in Arizona with a few traveling trips depending on sport.  They will spend quality time working on fundamentals directly with their coaches and preparing to excel at a higher level of competition.  The purpose of the developmental program is to provide instruction beyond what is available at a recreational level. The emphasis remains on teaching the best fundamentals possible. 


The coaches, for our developmental program, are selected from established programs throughout the Metro Phoenix area, and are encouraged to seek out resources from the community to enhance their ability to teach our young athletes the ideal of fundamentals, leadership, and life skills through education and athletics.



The core of our success, shining character of the Saints is our dedicated volunteer coaches. Saints coaches have a variety of backgrounds including NFL and college experience, but most importantly, our coaches have years of experience, proven skill and are selected on their ability to instruct these athletes to enhance their awareness of the game, skill on the field and of course SAFETY IS FIRST.

Through the art of sports, Saints coaches help youth find ways to have fun, compete, learn, develop, work hard and be challenged. 


AZ Saints Sports Club coaches are all volunteers, providing their skill and knowledge because of their love of the game and the positive learning environment we provide for the kids.   
Background checks are conducted on all of our coaches to ensure our young athletes are coached within a safe environment. The parents, players, and board evaluate each coach at the conclusion of the season to ensure adequate communication and maintain a high standard in our coaching ranks.