• In our spectator enthusiasm, we are often prone to issue instructions to the players that are contrary to those of the coach; this only causes confusion for the players. Please encourage your youth to follow the coach's instructions and leave the coaching to the coach.

What are the practice rules?

  • Players need to have all necessary equipment needed for a successful practice 
  • The only environmental factor that will cancel practice is lightning. Otherwise be prepared at all times 
  • Players need to be at practice on time (15 minutes early).
  • If a player must miss a practice, the player must call their coach as soon as possible.

  •  Absolutely no foul language shall be permitted. 
  • Parents are asked to cheer for the Saints in a positive manner, not against our opponents in a negative manner. 
  • Show respect to those around you. 
  • Support your coaches and staff. 
  • Refrain from harassing referees and/or event staff.
  • Step One: The player should discuss the problem/concern with the coach and try to arrive at a solution to the problem.
  • Step Two: The parent should call the coach and schedule an appointment for the player, parent, and coach to meet at an appropriate time.
  • Step Three: If the above steps do not remedy the problem, the parent should call the Saints Board of Administration to schedule a meeting with the player, parents and coach to arrive at a solution.
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